My first Sketchbook

4 hour Rodin study. The plus side is that it strongly resembles a friend of mine.




What did you render this in?

BPR in zbrush.

I have yet to create a realistic render in Zbrush but these look great!
Any chance you could share your render/lightcap settings? Are you using a custom material?

Thanks Thokash, I use the default wax shader available in the lightbox on startup, and place one or two lights.
The render went into photoshop where I used levels to get deeper shadows. I really need to dig deeper into the
Zbrush rendering options.

Thanks I’ll definitely try that.
Again, these look amazing.

I’m working off a friend’s design to try my hand at a creature.



color render.jpg
This is my first crack at fiber mesh hair.

I started a speed sculpting series to give me room to grow when I’m sort of ideas, or just need to sculpt something. The subject is heroes and
villains based mainly on comics with a splash of love for video game characters as well. The mission is to do the first thirty or so as three
hour heads or six hour torso sessions with the time spent dwindling down after sculpt 30-40. My end goal is to have around 100 sculpts, then
take 5 of the best to completion. Hopefully at he end of this journey I’ll be surer and swifter when it comes to establishing anatomy, posing and zbrush in general. Hop you cats enjoy.





Resurrecting this thread for a new piece: Punisher from the Garth Ennis period. Going to push to have this done before the new year
not sure if I’ll paint him.


Here’s an update on Frank, I revisited his anatomy and started carving into the cloth.
Trying something different and going more for interesting shapes and less concerned with
copying life. My goal is to make an interesting looking sculpt and maintain the original
flavor that drew me towards this character. Moving onto the bag and accessories next.




Got the cloth settled the way I wanted and spent the recent session on the hair and portrait.
His face still needs some work before I start detailing but he’s pretty close to the picture I have
in mind.






Imo the cloth wrinkles look really, really good, also for the Rodin study I think you made her nose just a fraction too long and hook shaped, its a very minor thing, but still I noticed it so I thought of letting you know.


Thanks man, I started off with a rough Marvelous Designer calculation with some
good photo reference. Kudos on the Rodin observation, I really need to do another one
of those studies down the road at some point.

Coming down the last stretch with this guy, I worked out all the issues
with the face and pose so now all that’s left is detail and color
The base I chose to keep simple so as not to draw attention from all the
work in the body.


He’s coming out well. :+1:

excellent work.

yeeeh man, this is looking freakin sweet, I think you could add a bit more story to the backpack, it feels a bit generic atm as a design.

Imo that’s nitpicking about the backpack, i think it looks absolutely great.