My first Sculpt! Feedback wanted!

Hello guys, this is my first sculpt as the title says and I would like to get some feedback on where I should put more focus on.
But please keep in mind I just wanted to get the rough shape of the female torso nothing detailed yet. Did that in like 45mins with the clay buildup only. Where should I go from now ? Keep working on the shape or start detailing, refining shapes etc. ?
Also due to matcap landmarks may not be that visible from ortho perspective. I did this for anatomy studies since I would like to start study 3D Game Art and Animation in about 1 year and a half. I used only 1 reference picture for the front and tried to do everything else by memory.

Thank you for any feedback in advance!


ZBrush ScreenGrab01.jpg

ZBrush ScreenGrab02.jpg

ZBrush ScreenGrab03.jpg

Good start, but this is very much just a base block out. I recommend adding a placeholder for the top of the arms and legs (insert cylinder) to help you get the correct cross section at the cutoff point, as well as a basic head and neck shape to help you measure proportion; splitting them out to separate subtools can be useful. Usually from this point, I’ll define the planes (using dam standard (zsub and zadd), trim dynamic, move and Hpolish). I use clay polish to tidy up the planes as necessary, then check and adjust proportion and silhouette (move brush) before I start on refining the forms.

As for crits as it stands, the breasts are too high, and the mid back doesn’t reflect the curvature of the spine correctly.

And regarding reference, more. Lots more. Even if you have every concept of anatomy memorized, you need reference. The more the better! And never stop looking at them. A second screen dedicated to references is pretty much essential.

Keep at it, and good luck!

Thank you very much for you reply.

I will try and fix the back, breasts then, take reference pictures as said and add neck/head/arms/legs. Will post an update possibly by tomorrow :)!

I find that using clay buildup and stroking it in the same direction as the muscle structures works really well! Great start, I want to see it pushed further. I always get to the next step with more muscles blocked out, but then get stumped on how to actually finish the piece… maybe you can motivate/teach me.