My first Realistic Head


Hopefully this post works this time, im having problems getting my post to appear on the forum :frowning:

anyway, here is a link to a realistic head ive sculpted, it currently has the Antropus skin shader on it as i am not familiar enough with shaders to create my own.
hope you like it :slight_smile:

I would say it is just about flawless expect for the odd line across the middle of his face.

Yeah i did that at the last minute without realising, i think i masked off half the face and then inflated slightly :frowning:
ill see if i can remove it.

I would also use the picker to sample and clean up the texture on the neck. overall, good use of photos to texture. Could you post your refrence and unshaded for comparison?

It looks really good. The forehead seems like it might be a bit wide, but not too bad. You should throw some eyeballs in there as subTools. It’s pretty easy to do you just hit append and place a sphere. Once you have one in there you like you can take that tool and duplicate it and mirror it over to the other side with Tool --> Deformation --> Mirror.
Great Start and Good Luck.

Wow thats pretty good did you texture with the zproject brush?

Hey John, looks good, would you post a pic in a sculpy mat without the texture? That way it shows of sculpture work better. With the photo texture applied it’s difficult ot see sculpted details clearly.

pretty dam good for your first go!

Really like that texture!Fine work!!

When you start a new thread look for the upload image button and follow the process for your image to show in the bottom row.With your skills I expect to see a top row very soon!
Also add a jpeg to a current thread by editing this post and then the steps above to make your image visable here and not externally linked…

Thanks for your comments guys, here is the ref image i used as a guide and also a version in red wax. dont have time to work on him today but ill try to finish the texture around his neck and also give him some eyes soon.

wdcstudios :- yes this was textured using Zproject, i wanted to learn as much as i could and i only wanted to use Zbrush although the base mesh was done in maya.

calum5ZB :- hi, thanks for the comments, i tried inserting an image the first time but it did not work, hopefully this time my image will appear. Can you tell me what is the difference between using the “Upload Image” button or using the insert image ? sorry, im new to putting up posts :slight_smile:
PS. had a look at your website, very nice work. :slight_smile:

For a larger version go here



Looks great, although I’d definitely soften that horizontal line through the face. It looks very unnatural, almost like the edge of an alpha that didn’t have any falloff. But once that seam is gone it’s excellent! :slight_smile:

Super coool! Love it! I would aplly the MATcap Skin 04 and set the opacity down to 92 in your moderfiers materal settings

Great to see the images up on here!The difference in your question,I belive if you dont want the full images on display and would like a row of thumbs in your post that lead to full size images dont place them in your post.The way you done it here was by placing them in your post.(I think?)lol.I always just place them in my post and I use a small thumbnail as the first image as that is displayed as the thumb in the bottom row.Im crap at explinations .If anyone else can confirm my point it would be cool!

ps thanks for looking at my flawed early 3d work.I hate nearly everything on my site since getting zb3.