My first real project! An axolotl-humanoid thing.


First post here and first time sharing a project with others so I’m a little nervous haha.

Been practicing for about a month and this is what I have to show so far. I started making this from an anatomy study I was working on and liked the idea so I rolled with it! If it’s convenient please critique so I know where I can improve.



Head Light 1.jpg

Light 1.jpg

Light 2.jpg

Light 4.jpg

Light 3.jpg

Retopo Light 1.jpg

Retopo Light 2.jpg

Cool idea! Since his species has evolved into a bipedal stance, the tail should now become part of his weight balance. Check out any shots of lizard like creatures/monsters/aliens that stand on two feet. You’ll see what I mean.

Ahh yeah I see what you mean! Thank you for the feedback!