My First Post

Hello Zbrush Central.

I am “fairly” new to Zbrush and 3D in general, but I have been using Zbrush for just over a year now. I have been an avid viewer here on the forums and the Top Row and have gained so much inspiration just from surfing the forums. I wouldn’t say I am prepared to start putting my stuff out there quite yet, but you have to start somewhere and I could use the help of the community to grow as an artist. So this is a work in progress of one of the characters I have been working on recently. It’s an aquatic/land creature that grew from a quick daily practice sculpt I had done.

I may be a new name to the forums here, but I am open to critiques and constructive criticism. I respect everyone’s opinion and taste’s and would really love some feed back on my work.

Before I get to the work however, I would like to give a huge shout out to the Pixologic team. Zbrush is amazing and I really have grown to love what it’s capable of. Keep blowing my mind!

So here it is…My first post! Hopefully not my last! lol:D






Ha, interesting idea!
I think his knees are a bit too low. Femurs that long just don’t look right! Even though it is a non-human fantasy creature, I think it’d help sell the illusion to shorten them a bit. I quite like his plating and teeth. It might be worth sculpting the crabshell plates on top his head as separate objects, they look a little squishy and undefined at the minute.

Nice work though~~ Post more!

Thank you for the quick feedback!! They do look rather long…I’ll take care of it!!

I’ll try to continue to post my work…there really is a lot of intimidating work here though so I had to just take the leap and hope I didn’t drown trying to swim in the deep end if you get what I mean.

Thanks again for the quick response!

oh, almost forgot! Yeah I think I will try to separate them, I was trying to give the eye a place to rest since I felt the face getting a little busy but you made a great point…it could also help me close the holes I created on them while Zremeshing.

I hear you on the intimidating work front. I’m hoping that as long as I continue to clog up the forums with endless WIP shots, someone is bound to come in and tell me what I’m doing wrong one day. :wink:

Keep it up mate.

I love your hands. I always struggle with those. I really like how you draped the weeds off the arms. Proportions are hard to get down. I tend to avoid rea like istic humans because of this. Chicken of me I know. I love the overall direction of sculpt! Good luck and welcome to posting on Zbrush central. I rarely see unkind posts here.

Thank you both! I’m always willing to give a critique to the best of my ability if you’d like?

I don’t mind criticism of my work as long as it’s constructive and will help me grow.:smiley: Thank you for the compliment on the hands!

Here’s a small update…I’ve made some drastic changes to the head design…it still wasn’t sitting right with me…along with trying to fix the legs and tail area. I liked the idea of adding some coral growth on the shells of the creature to help add to the silhouette. Just hope it’s an easy read and doesn’t become noisy… I also added the start of some clothing. watercreature_wip2.jpgwatercreature_wipHead2.jpgwatercreature_wipfaceBPR2.jpgwatercreature_wipBPR2.jpg



It’s coming along nicely! I love the new protrusions from the shoulder and head. It really adds more character to the form. I like how you have changed the back of the head. By removing some of the mass, it now feels as if the neck can support the head. When designing a character, you need to ask yourself, can this muscular support the limbs and extremities that protrude from the base tree of the character.
I like that you reduced the tail. It looks more like the body is able to support it. By making it skinnier you give off a more agile look to the creature. I would add more of an “S” shape to the tail, this would give the appearance that he really is using it to balance with. Keep in mind when you further pose him/her to position the tail opposite of the body’s stance as if to counter balance.
The face is looking really good. I see that you have added more detail. I like it. It makes him\her more interesting.

Keep up the good work! :smiley:

Thanks so much for the awesome critique!! :slight_smile:
I’ll try to incorporate the changes with the tail. Great tips!!

Thanks again! I’ll try to continue to post updates when I can find the time.

Looking good man. Maby play around some more with the overall proportions of the body. Either go for a more realistic human anatomy approach or something more out there in terms of form and anatomy. Just my 2 cents. I like the concept and the details you’ve got so far. Keep pushing, good luck and welcome to ZBC :+1:

Thank you!! I’ll keep playing with the proportions until something really calls out to me.

Love your beastly creature by the way!! Awesome job on that! I wanted to do a low poly of this character and render in Toolbag 2 as well.

hey this work is cool man.nice details.the shape of the hands looks great.just one thing:the feet look too flat in the bottom.I know that’s a creature but since it has human like anatomy maybe you could bend them a little.I think that’s more natural.anyway welcome to ZBC and GOOD LUCK my friend.:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1::wink:

Thanks for the tip! I’ll continue tweaking it!! I haven’t been able to do any work on it the past couple of days…had a lot going on. Hopefully I’ll have an update by next week though!

Thanks again!! Really appreciate the feedback! :smiley:

Wow…It’s been a while…so much going on right now, but I haven’t given up on this character. Started polypainting, trying to balance a couple other projects as well so that’s why updates have been so minimal. Hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made!!




screenshot001.jpg Working on the low poly now… rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2