My first post

My name is David Chaney from CA Bay area. I graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. This is my first post. I hope to get some feed back from you guys good or bad it doesnt matter.





… from trainspotting!

seriously, thats an interesting character. I came to post my first too, but its neither as interesting or as finished as yours. at one point it looked like walken, I should have stored that morph brush Ive been reading about.

PS, lets all hijack this thread for n00bs like us’ first images.

Here’s mine; took me… okay 7 hours. Does anybody have a hint for ears? I shot my self in the foot and then spent an hour nudging verts, and it still ended up funky. This mesh is still pretty low poly though, only 24k. My first try with ZSpheres.


Yeah trainspotting. I didnt want to say who it was to see if anyone could tell. Hehe.

As I see on your site you have some facilities to sculpt clay! :wink:
So you will have some fun with ZB :cool:

Does anyone know how to get images into the gallery???

Any time you upload an image to the forum and place it into your post it will appear in the bottom row of thumbnails. It will also then appear in your UserGallery and in the thread’s ThreadGallery.

You should only ever have one image in the bottom row at a time. If your previous image has not yet dropped off, please either edit your previous post and upload the new image to that post or wait until your previous image has dropped off before you post the new one.

The top row of thumbnails is a special case. Images or threads are selected based on a number of factors including overall quality, originality, usefulness for all ZBrushers, and more.