My First Creation [Zbrush + Maya + Photoshop]

This is my self-portrait…it’s fairly accurate…I sculpted the face…I may suck really bad to you all…but I’m proud of my horrific achievement…


usman picture 3d23.jpg


doesnt suck to me actually really nice and great job on eyes too !! and composition ! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Aw…thanks :cry:

I don’t want to give up on sculpting…I really do love it…I want to do stuff in games composition

ummm… please don’t take any offence to my comments please because I know I was like this in the past,
but dude the work you’ve done on hair is extremely sloppy, the hairs picture put over the sculpt thingy is clearly seen that the hairs aren’t even blended properly and too much blur …

and sculpt isn’t visible much just the skin that is painted is visible, if you post the grey shaded sculpt then I can comment on that…

I hope you take it constructively and improve yourself, best of luck

This is a prank. It must be. There is no sculpt here. Just bits and pieces of pictures posted together.

The intellect runs high here…

well with the calibre of this work… there is only 1 more that i saw which was as horrible as this one

In hindsight, I apologize. That was rude of me. I must have been in a bad mood when I saw your work. Although you have a ways to go to make it into the game industry, I feel you have the basics down. For one, you’re a master at keeping those darned polys low. What’s the count here? One? Also, the textures are outstanding. Do you generate them from your own photography? Finally, the facial expressions are very lifelike. Has the character been rigged for animation or did you sculpt in zbrush with layers? A tutorial will be highly useful to the community. Cheers.

from the number of your posts i would guess your new to 3d or ZB if so better then my first works ! my comment still stands i like the compo and the eyes look real the hair and
sculpt yes needs work - that being said constructive crits help someone improve yes - poking fun and being mean makes me not want to come here but guess what after ten years im
not going anywhere !! if i dont like a post pass it by maybe post more views angles ask for helps !!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Gary - thank you :slight_smile:

I already know it’s pretty bad, but the height of intelligence in terms of reading (not sculpting) comprehension on these forums is at an all-time low. I even said I know it’s bad but people like to point it out. As if they erupted from their mother’s vaginas with a sculpting brush and a box of Zbrush. Haha

ZB is a 2d- 2.5- 3d app - paint stop - quick sketch mix match do what ever you want ! practice be driven and someday you will be an animator - gamer - sculpter !!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

oh really ?! sir you are so intellectual and O so great at sculpting… dude if u know its bad u should ask how u can fix it and as i told u the hair picture attached to it look obvious on so many levels, look what u need to do in this is that get the eraser in photoshop with blended edges and run it over the top of hair so the line that shows its attached can be removed… then maybe it will look a lil better