My Film "CELLULAR CIRCUITRY" - Animated AND rendered in ZBrush!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while :slight_smile:
I just finished making a new experimental film titled “Cellular Circuitry”. The film was sculpted, animated, and rendered out in layers in ZBrush. I did the final composition and sound in After Effects and Premiere.

Here’s a link to the trailer on Vimeo.

“Cellular Circuitry” is a stream of digital sculptures and soundscapes that dynamically transmute between organic and circuit-like motifs.

“The unnatural, that too is natural.”

  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Here are some screenshots:

Here’s an example of render layers I used. The normal map pass was used in conjunction with a free plugin for After Effects called “Normality” which lets you use AE lights with normal maps :sunglasses:

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Wow, very interesting ! it changes from demon, werewolves and other freakin creatures. Your work is peaceful, but you shouldn’t watch this while you are too high !

Very good, love it !:+1:

Big thumbs here, nice to see work in a more abstract nature once in a while…not that I don’t love monsters, mech warriors, and weapons as well. :lol:

Hellblaster - Demons? Werewolves? I think you watched the wrong movie :wink:

chalkman - Thanks. Monsters, mech warriors, and weapons are nice too and I’ve made a lot of that kind of art while working in the entertainment business. Here’s a link to that work if you’re interested- http://benridgway.com/3DCG/3D/index.html

Here’s an early previs shot. This was sculpted and rendered in ZBrush and comped in After Effects.

@ kongni : I mentioned the kind of work we can find all around with Zbrush, that is why i think your work is original and amazing ! :slight_smile: I’m sorry for the misunderstanding :confused:


I checked out that link, your work is awesome and very diverse. Thanks for sharing. Have you seen much of what you can do with C4D’s Mograph? I think it would lend itself to your new personal work. :smiley:


your work is so different and inspiring. i would never had guessed that it is possible to do movies with a real exiting feeling in zbrush. — particularly love the idea how how made the infinity movie, that was ingenious, with the hole and zooming… great !!

Really nice and inspiring , looking forward to the realese:-)


Have a look at this interesting video on Vimeo, it should be right up your alley. :smiley: http://vimeo.com/11070249

can you explain all your process please???

Thanks everyone! I will post more on my process soon!

chalkman - I love looking at mandelbox/bulb movies! I actually made a ‘faux fractal’ film in 2010 called “Ad Infinitum”. I did a presentation on how I created the effect at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver,BC over the summer.

Here’s another previs image from Cellular Circuitry - Rendered in ZBrush. Animation composite in After Effects


Here’s another early experiment. I decided to throw out this scene because it started looking too dark and ominous and did not fit with the look of the rest of the film. It made a nice image though :slight_smile:


I like you project, keep up. You should extend and push this idea to the limits, I wonder how far you can go. Very nice.

This is wonderful.
Best picture for my taste :wink:

…seen somewhere on the Net from beginning to the end?

Cool images exploration! :cool: