My experience creating an Ancient Helmet in Zbrush

Hello there readers who follow this small blog, thanks to you all because I have notice how much has increase the community here, as I said in this small and honest blog so thanks to you all.

Back to reality

Long time that I didn’t write a thing, and very deep inside of me I love to write a lot, so back to reality my reason to be here is that I have been working a lot and there and I have been having some hard time getting some free time… it sounds ironic, or redundant or… non sense but yes, is hard to find time these adult days.

I was just working in a new project and developing some concepts for ancient armor and weapons and that stuff and I found this: https://artstn.co/m/Wvz6 don’t be afraid check that out, this artist Dannyele, have very great products related to references and I found her after spending hours and hours looking out for the perfect ancient armor ref pack and you know what… is amazing! is an amazing product to have here in your library, give it a try and to the other products too.

What I have done?

This is what I have done thanks to that “artistblooking” breaker ref pack:



This is all for now.

No more to say I hope you all enjoyed the post and til next time.