My DW III entry - Fury

Hi folks!! This is my DWIII entry!! Unfortunately I couldn’t get in top 50, but it was very good experience for me =) And Next year I will be more cruel, no doubts :wink:
Character description:
Name: Fury
Race: Goddess
Class: Warlord
Artifact Type: Air/Lightning
Well, Fury is a goddess of chaos!! Nobody knows how old is he. She uses Lightning Sword that gathers it powers from a piece of mineral which is part of the thing, that blown and created our universe lot of thousands millions years ago!! This is a piece of pure energy!!! The artifact is so powerful that can cut the matter of time and space to teleport you in any time or in any place. It can even destroy whole planets. This sword is a cause of ruin of many civilizations!! And since he got this sword, she isn’t so mercy.




Construction Shot.jpg


Well, these are the steps:

base mesh
[Copy of 1 copy.jpg]kladenets 2.jpg



fury_do poeasa.jpg

fury_seredina 1.jpg



fury_top 1.jpg


ruka 1.jpg

fury full.jpg

fury full 1.jpg

fury full 2.jpg


kladenets .jpg


Low poly model with normal map applied

[fury low poly full.jpg]fury low poly real time wire.jpg


fury siluet.jpg

fury low poly real time.jpg

WOW! That’s a lot of work! I love the HR Giger look that she has… Very cool!

very nice, looks like Ronin member from UT3. I really like that. :+1:

lol i was just gunna say what Iceman did it has a wicked UT3 feel to it, well done man, great character.

Thanx guys :smiley:

Have to agree with IcemanJ, she does have an Unreal Tournament look to her, but that is definitely a good thing! Very stylish model, im surprised it didnt get into the top 50, you should be proud of it anyway.

:lol: I really wanted that the model has a piece of UT3))) Thanx for comments guys!!
Lloiger: I am surprised too that it didnt get in top 50, but I am proud of my model anyway :smiley:

may i ask your workflow for the normal map?

What exactly do you want to know?

thanks for the reply, i was more or less curious how your rendering it , what type of light system are you using( 3pointect…), are you using the normal map viewport plugin. Are you using max to do your render if so whats your settings because i used the displacement-> xnormal-> max method and my detail didnt display as well as yours does. If you have a site you learned from that would save you the time from holding my hand i dont mind doing the reading. Thanks for taking the time to deal with my questions.

to bake normal map I used Zmapper in Zbrush, cause my hi poly model was 27 millions polys. Also it can be done in max!
Unfortunately I dont have links on those sites, but you can find a lot of information using search engines in the internet!!
Cheers =)