My current personal project - contraption

Hi guys, just wanted to share my latest work progressions with you.

This is a steampunky cyborg “drone” I would imagine, or thats the idea :stuck_out_tongue: This concept was my creation, some bits from here and there, thus, isn’t top notch as I’m not as much as a concept artist myself, so, any critiques are very well welcome.

I’ve been modelling him with ZModeler and I’m loving every bit of it, very fun process, I must say, it really challenges your technical creativity some times eheh

I’ll keep posting the progresses

Hope you guys like it








Here’s an update on tje weapons, almost done with the blockout stage, getting ready for the good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a LOT of detail. :slight_smile: :+1:

Did you make the holes with Split Point, then Alt/QMesh for the new polygroup?

Very nice contraption!

Yeah I used split point to create the holes. idn’t Qmesh them tho. Started doing that but then realized that I would need holes in both sides to Qmesh. just deleted the cylinder caps and extruded it all with the holes already made.

edit: Ohh and many thanks ehehe

Another update before detailing