My Artwork

Hey everyone! First post in yeaaaars on this great website. Here’s something I’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks or so during my spare time. Started the concept in ZBrush, painted in Mari, and rendered with Arnold. Would love some feedback.




Here’s another Alien creature, started out as a lunch crunch piece then decided to take it all the way.

First of all , i really like both concepts .
my comment on the first one : the hand gesture i really like , but i find the position of the face too straight up …
In my view he is listening to somebody elses story or opinion , and i think he would turn he head more in listening to their point of view …
I also find the piece of cloth around his neck very stiff-looking , like it doesn’t fall naturally around his neck .

The second one looks like it’s the photo has been made after the alien has been caught , and he is just as surprised as we are by his presence , and i think that should be showed more …

Anyways , that’s my feeling i get by the pictures , and i totally dig them both …

I really like both of these. Absolutely love the hands of the first guy, and I really like how inquisitive the second guy looks. Great work.

Very convincing looking Aliens. The skin looks very good.

Convinced me, this guy looks like the real deal :+1: