My 2007 game model reel

I finnally got my reel done, and up on my site. Check it out, and lemme know what you think, and if there’s any problems getting it, or viewing.


It’s at the top, kinda hard to miss. Thanks for looking.

Amazing work on that reel.Some of the best work Ive seen!Bye cal

Nice lowpoly reel dude;I like the Mother a lot,great job


Very nice reel. Wish you all the best.

Cool. Nice to see that tutorial end up in here ReplicA. All looks great, I’m not a game guy, however you seem to have a good grasp of structure. All the best. :wink:

Nice Reel…the mama’s very hot :wink: :+1: :+1:

Ah, thanks guys. I’m really glad you like the reel, and glad that you were able to get it without enough problems to tell me about them.

calum5ZB, thanks for that, man. :wink:

sriram, glad you like the Dark Mother. She was fun to make.

Mr.Monster, thanks for the comments and the well wishes. I could use all the luck I can get. :slight_smile:

Jason Belec, thanks, bro. Again, I can use all the luck I can get. And I really liked the blade worm (the tutorial model), so he HAD to go in there.

SolidSnakexxx, very glad you liked her. People have always said I made “manly” women, so it’s nice to her I finally got it right. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on the job search. Hopefully I’ll have some good news for you soon. And again, thanks for the comments, and checking out my reel.

very nice jeremy! you’ve really improved the past year. all the newer ones are “wows!” best of luck as always…

Thanks, Pete, it’s always nice to hear that I’ve improved. For a while there, I back-slid, and did worse work than I have in a loong time, and you never wanna do that. I don’t know why it happened, but it did. I’m just glad I’m out of that slump now. :wink:

I’m trying some new stuff right now, I’m making a model that’s pre-posed, and just sculpting on it with symmetry off. It’s fun, and different for me.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have something new for you guys soon. And news about a job would be nice :slight_smile: coughbuy some of my turbosquid modelscough :wink:

[EDIT] Oh, and thanks for the stars guys, appreciate that

Congratulations on getting that done. Good luck!

Hey rep, I havn’t been trawling these forums much recently so I did a search for posts by you and this one came up top :wink:

Glad to see you have your new folio up and running although I can’t seem to download it :S

Have a look if there is a prob, maybe its just my machine messing up. Anyway wouldn’t mind viewing your reel buddy.

Hmmm, that’s pretty weird. I clicked the link, and it brought some encryption looking text, but I right clicked, save as, and it worked, so try that. If it still doesn’t work for you, I’ll see about getting it to you another way.

Hey, your reel is looking good man. It certainly shows you have knowledge of low poly modeling which is going to be a bonus if your looking for jobs within the games industry. This is what your aiming for right?

I remember you said your next model was going to be a high poly one, possibly for animation? Anyway have you started on this? I would be interested to see it in development :cool:

Thanks Eboy, I’m really glad you liked it. I did start and get most way through a high res model, but as it sits, it’s not oging anywhere right now. I might pick it up again later, but I gotta focus on getting work.

On a personal note, I gotta ask, WTF does it take to get top row now days? This is bordering on the ridiculous, again I’m ignored… I’ve been told it might be because I do low poly work, but then the rainbow six stuff got top row (not that it didn’t deserve it, it was AWESOME work).

I don’t know, whatever… I give up. Whatever it is the ZBC crew wants for top row, I’m just not giving it to them. Story of my ****in life… :rolleyes:

The question, is are you doing this to be on the Top Row - ego, or to show your abilities for possible work - capability. I think way too many people believe they deserve ‘Top Row’. I’m not implying your work isn’t good, just that your belief of what defines the quality of your work is perhaps a little skewed. :wink:

Hahahahaa, Jason, that’s good. What DOES define top row? That’s the question.

I’m not TRYING to get top row, for ego or anything else. I WANT top row, like any other artist here. I did say “Whatever it is the ZBC crew wants for top row, I’m just not giving it to them.” And what they want is a mystery, even the scooby doo kids couldn’t figure out.

Excellent stuff! The Executioner, in particular, caught my eye. I dunno if it pays, but you could consider doing a bit of cover art for metal bands. :+1:

I do wish you get the position though! :wink:

I guess I’m just a little agrivated from one of the worst weeks ever. I got 3 replies for my reel from studios, and all of them fell through. 2 of them were large name studios, and to get that high from a job offer from a big studio, and get smacked down cause you didn’t get the job, is a terrible feeling. I need a vacation…

Moochie, thanks for that. I’d love to do covers for metal bands, since I’m a metal-man. The executioner does have a bit of the old “manowar” feel to it, huh? Ken Kelly does some awesome metal covers, and Sam Didier did some killer metal shirts and stuff.

Like always my best wishes with ya man… :slight_smile:

:+1: :+1: :+1: