Hello,everyone! This is my lastest work <murder!>. My original inspiration comes from some Social network. There are some pictu
res upload by some hunter after they were hunting and stood beside the dead body.Someone laughing,someone look exciting,so
meone even bloodthirsty. This makes me realize I have to do something to wake people up to protect animal. So here’s the work
you see. The meaning I want to show is if people continue killing animal. Sooner or later, victim will be ourselves.
First I use zbrush build the model. Then According to the need, I use zbrush make 16bit and 32bit displacement.
All hair in this work I use fibermesh in zbrush.Then export fiber to maya. use shave and nhair render the final hair. Use Maya to r
ender it.Use painteffect and speedtree build Background. The final work I use arnold to render it.





WOW! Stunning render and stunning story!

Really funny,I like it very much

That’s a stunning image.

The message you send is strong, too.

Totally agree w/the “protect wildlife” theme. :slight_smile:

Awesome render! So many elements that work well together in this scene. Could you explain how you did the transfer of fibermesh to nHair in a bit more detail?

The whole composition is fantastic! Great message, great twist!

Superb! Could you shhare more indepth images of the process?

Really strong message shown in an excellent way. Well done

Lovely work.

I would also be grateful if you would share your process with taking Fibermesh into Maya and rendering using Shave/nHair.

I have tried to do this, myself, using two methods:

  1. Export Fibermesh as curves, create a hair system in Maya, assign hair system to the Fibermesh curves.

  2. Export Fibermesh as curves, use “Make Selected Curves Dynamic” in Maya with the Attach to Selected Object option selected.

With both of these methods, I realized that Maya does not create follicles for the curves to attach them to the object, and therefore I couldn’t color the generated hair by texturing the object the curves were attached to.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Congratulations on a great image!

Amazing piece. I was totally surprised when my eye went down below the lion’s head. Great composition and content my friend. Bravo!’

Amazing! You look amazing!
I want to be able to create your like work.

Gives me chills, such a powerful piece with such strong meaning, also very well executed and great sculpting. Thank you for sharing your creation while also sharing such a strong message! well done :slight_smile:

thank you all guys, I will post some process of fibermesh work a bit later:D

some more images from zbrush :wink:
ZBrush Document2.jpg
ZBrush Document3.jpg
ZBrush Document4.jpg

I’ve always despised these types of pictures of hunters with big, stupid grins on their faces while they prop up the carcass of what was once a beautiful, majestic animal. As if killing another living being with a big gun somehow makes them so special. Real sporting of them.
I applaud your tackling this subject with your art. Good concept. :+1:

I guess everyone in here is vegan , amazing art

Niceee! Great work on clothes. Sculpted by hand?