Multi Mesh Insert - Brush Editing


I have watched all ZClassrom tutorials but I have not seen anything about editing existing multi mesh insert brushes. I wonder, is it possible to convert multi mesh insert brush back to subtools and then make another multi brush with all the changes? I guess, we should keep the file with subtools if we are going to make any change to the library. Still, it would be really great if there is some way to easily recombine the parts of existing multi insert brushes.


i had the same idea/question lately; something like a “insert mesh to subtool” command would come in handy

Multi mesh insert brushes seem so well implemented that I am kind of surprised I have not seen that certain function yet. In any case considering that was not covered I would be interested to hear your workarounds.


  • create a plane (make polymesh 3d)
  • use insert mesh brush with shift to avoid rotation
  • delete plain (delete hidden or split group)
  • deformation > unify remaining “insert mesh” to recenter it


I really appreciate your help! That works indeed but I still pray for some easier workaround because that involves a lot of steps when dealing with bigger brush libraries. I do not know is it possible somehow to extract " subtools meshes from the files directly?

There is a Mesh From Brush button at the bottom of the Geometry sub-palette (Modify Topology section). Just click this button and any mesh that is selected on a IMM will replace any selected mesh. This is why I like to select the polymesh star before pressing this button.

do your edits and then make the new brush. Hope this helps.

cool! thanks for the hint!!

still no fix?

I’m looking for the same answer…
…anybody find a fix for this yet?

Is this feature implemented yet?