MTB's ZScript Learning Thread

HNow, not to seem like an ass but I wanted to make a thread full of my questions instead of posting 5000 different threads of just one question.
Also, this isn’t just my thread of course. Like I said, I just wanted to give all my queries a home (for easier search later).

I haven’t a question now but in light of the Reference release…they will start to flow a plenty.


hahaha not to be an ass myself but is that zscript learning tread the kind that wears out carpet?:smiley:

I need to know so I can replace mine before I get into the game!

Touche my friend…

…OMG, if your code has the same quality than your images that will be terrific :cool:
What is your next project coding ?

Not really a next project but making really good looking tutorials for several various endeavours to come.

How i can customize my keyboard to have the zintensity in the home and pdup keyboard of my laptop?
Thanks in advance

shortcut for Z Intensity is SHIFT+I

Alright, here I go with the first one.

ZscRef states this for noteIbutton:

Text opacity (0 to 1, default=1) Image opacity (0 to 1, default=1)]

I tried a 0.5 setting and nothing. Will this work for psd and bmp files?
What other files types aside from zmv are acceptable?


So you all know up there is ZScript heaven…My goal is to make Zscripts like the Displacement tutorial in the help files. Also, like the old TM help zscript…remember that…hehe