Mt. Lady statue

Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia

Fanart of one of my favorite character from this anime! Pose based on her debut day (Ep01) ; )

I did her for study anime style for collectibles.

Hope you like it!!


Wow awesome project! By any chance you got it for selling? Depending on the rate I would be pretty interested as she is one of my precious waifus!!

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Hello Bere, the link you posted doesn’t work anymore. i don’t know if that means you aren’t selling it anymore or if the link is old. whatever it is it needs a little updating lol. Btw great job on the figure. i love MT lady and she is my fav character, it just sucks there’s hardly any figures of sorts of here to buy on other markets.

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Am I able to trust your website because I really would like to buy her from you any way possible.