Ms Van Nadmor - Dominance War III entry

Hi guys.

After a month and a half, I’m done with my model on DW III and I’d like to share my results. I’m not as good at many people here, but trying to get there.

My char is Ms Van Nadmor, a little girl that can use the power of her imagination and a magical brush to sketch and summon the creatures that live on her mind to the real world, to help her on battles against machines. The frog, called The King, is her mount and best friend. He can jump great distances, making them both safe from enemies. Hope you like the chars.

To see more images, and the entire process, please visit my thread on CGS.







Really nice, and very cute, this would be the character i’d use in the game.
I particulary like your choice of weapon, its a nice change.
I also like the idea of the teamwork with the frog, always like the animal/human relationships.

Amauri ,great work buddy !! 5 stars from me!
good luck there!

Alex Oliver

:smiley: 5 stars from me. And a child frog riding Warrior, that’s unusual!

Like the concept a lot. The two make a very interresting combination. Much better then anything I could pull. Lot of effort on this from you so I’ll go with 5 stars. I particularly love the face on the kids model, it is not a “small women” version of a face like I so many times see when younger kids are done in 3d, it really looks great. :+1:

Very nice lowpoly mesh :+1:

she’s a very lively and charming character, great job :slight_smile:

is she at all inspired by Relm - the character from Final Fantasy 6?

Wow! another great Dominance War III entry. Excellent :+1:

spaceboy412: Thanks, my friend. I’m pretty glad to know that someone but me would like to play with a char like her in a real video game :slight_smile:

alexleia: Man, get 5 stars from you is like to win a World Cup… You know I think you are one of the most awsome artists born at our age. Thank you very much for this!

womball: Hehe, tha’s the idea, thanks!

Giantsun: Thanks, man. I really appreciate your comment because make a child face that looks natural is not easy… I have some hard times stablishing proportions and trying to make everything looks fine. But it was worth it. :wink:

Pencracker: Thanks!

SalmonGod: Thanks man! In fact not, I don’t know the chars of FF, just the main chars, (Cloud and others I know on the movie FFVII - Advent children). But her clothes are kind of mix anime/old european style

Gogitason: Thanks man!

congratulations my friend!
well deserved top row! :slight_smile:

and I’ll say it again [because I can :laughing: ] - awesome - love the concept and execution! :smiley: :+1:

great job!!!

Very erotic, subliminal!!!
You devil you!!!

very nice work dude , i see the model in 3d4all , and forget give my comment there , i like very much of this model , remind me FF style , congrats for the good work one more time

Great dude!

Great concept and modeling. Congrats

excellent work, i saw the polygon version and steps on your portfolio, five stars model for me too :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Good to see some very good lo poly stuff on here, excellent stuff… :smiley:

Very nice work :slight_smile:

Lovey work :+1: :+1:

Thanks for your comments, fellows! Here are some zbrush renders, for those who haven’t seen yet.










Very nice work! Love the textures and the frog pose.