Mr Picky! - Alpha Tiling tutorial

Hello all,

I have been watching the alpha tiling tutorial and thought - hey! this is for me.

Went through the procedures, namely using ‘Alphas and Textures’ brush and ‘alphas’ palettes as viewed on the video - nothing happening! No tiled alphas showing in the Alpha palette.

After several viewings and finally preparing a screenshot for upload to get help, I noticed that on the tutorial screen shot, the ‘Create’ palette was in operation with the appropriate number of tiles to be created. This part was not mentioned in the tutorial and also there seems to be no info about tiling alphas in the pdf which came with the Zbrush 4R3 upgrade.

Can you experts maybe go a bit slower in your tutorials and allow some of us less informed ones to actually see what you are doing, may be use that new magnifying glass feature, so that we are not squinting one inch away from our monitors watching the action!