Mr Merou

After Mr Humphead Here is MR Merou, I think I’m going to make multiple species like that. So this one is inspired by a fish named Merou.


He’s fabulous.:grinning::+1:
Yours clapping with both fins,

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Thank you Boozy ^^, clapping with fins ahahah :smiley: cheers mate!!

A real proud Mr. Merou you’ve got there, he’ll absolutely need to be part of that group shot :rofl:

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Yeah Thank you Jaime! I’ll do a group shot for sure ^^ , Fishman Family :wink:

Love all your works! Very inspiring!

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Thank you ! much appreciated :wink:

Really love this he has such character in his face.
Was this all ZBrush or did you use another renderer?
Can’t wait to see more of these. :fishing_pole_and_fish:

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Thank you @TinkerZBell77, all the modeling sculpting and paint aspect was done in Zbrush and I did the render in V-ray.
Cheers mate, i’ll do more :wink:

Very nice work, love the head design.

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Thank you very much @Laticis! I’m glad you like it :wink:

Nice @AbbY-Art!! One more from the fish world!!!:+1::+1: