Move alpha by holding space bar

Hello! Why don’t you make it possible to move the alpha while holding down the spacebar for easier alpha positioning?1

Agree that would be nice. You can use the Shift+1 hotkey to replay the last stroke in a new position - hold the cursor where you want the new stroke to be and press hotkey.


Do you have the ability to influence developers? So that they would finally make this function, after all these years they made life easier for people))) I can imagine how many hours were spent trying to adjust move alphas in right place! This is already implemented in software, they only need to tweak the code a little!

You have the ability to influence the developers by submitting feature requests to Pixologic Support. :slightly_smiling_face: This doesn’t guarantee anything, but is the only reliable way to get your requests into the hands of the developers.

In the meantime, here are some other things you can do:

  1. Use Spotlight, which gives you exact control over the placement of the alpha.

  2. Use the Stencil Feature which will also give you precise control over your alpha placement/scale/rotation.

  3. Use the Spotlight Snapshot 3d feature, which will allow you to convert your alphas to 3d objects, and position them as real time 3d objects.

  4. Use Projection Master, which will allow you to move the alpha you’ve just drawn out by entering Move mode, before it is committed to displacing the surface.

  5. Convert your alphas to 3d Meshes, and use them with an Insert Mesh brush, which will allow you to alter their placement with the spacebar.

  6. Hold down CTRL and assign the drag rect stroke type and the alpha to the active masking brush. Then when you start drawing out a masking marquee off the mesh and in empty canvas space, will allow you to Spacebar drag the alpha mask onto the mesh. You can then invert the masking, and inflate them with Tool > Deformation> Inflate.


Thank you very much! I know all these methods, but it’s all very long! I want to do it on the fly! Also, it looks like a bug because when I press the spacebar, the cursor changes to arrows, but the alpha doesn’t move! I will go out to developers.

thanks! your method is the best and fastest! With the help of combinations of shift 1 and ctrl z, I can now quickly put the alpha in the place I need! 1