it’s just a late night practice,i was listening to a great music ( josh leake-Dusk to Dawn) and looking to night sky,to the moon,and then i realized i have a brighter one on earth,my mother…




I enjoyed much of what you did. Comrade Top Row

eshghe maaaaaaayiiiiiii kiaarah baba to . omide maayi kia, congrats dear kia you always make great works

thanks dear amirhossein for your kind words :wink:

vahiiiiiiiiid shoma taje sare maiiii eshghe maiii mokhlesam marde bozorg
thanks a lot dear vahid ahmadi <3

I love the flow of the shapes throughout and integration of the flowers. The lighting also really elevates the piece.

perfect and outstanding job!!! welldone dear kiarash!

another update for this statue ( with a translucent material and some sss effect)

hope you enjoy and many thanks to pixologic for top row <3

and thanks guys for your kind words.


oh my god!amazing color tunes and shapes <3 !!!

beautiful kia , and congrats on toprow bro

how did you make those holes effect? surface noise?

thanks a lot dear siavash hoshmandi;)

vahid ahmadi, thanks a bunch bro <3:D

no davin i didn’t use noise maker i used some techniques for remake the mesh topology into a Voronoi topology and some extra works with zmodeler on its polygons and subdividing them to get a softer results

Love the concept really nice work :slight_smile:

thanks dear ayyub.

Beautiful work, i hope you print it out and make a real sculpt out of it with light inside

thanks dear dirkrulz,i really like to print it ,may be i do it in future