Mother Brain from Captain N: The Game Master

Hello, I would like to share my latest work (actually my second work) with Zbrush. It’s the 80’s DIC Entertainment version of Mother Brain from the NES game Metroid.

First the final image rendered in Keyshot:

From a different angle (also in Keyshot):

A close up of the face (Keyshot with default zbrush material):

From Zbrush:

Thank you for your time. All comments are welcomed :slight_smile:





frente zbrush.jpg

costado zbrush.jpg

atras zbrush.jpg

Nice, for the second work I would say perfect. But it needs some more work I would say. The model of the brain seems ok to me, maybe more details, but the face need more work. I thing that some part arent under the glass in the first picture, then textures need more practice. And of courde the liquid. It is too unnatural and computer made. Adding some bubbles and that kind of stuff could be nice :wink: But as I said, second work - thumbs up :wink:

Thank you very much for your tips, I will try to fix the model, you are right, the detail level of the face it is too low and the brain maybe needs some detail added to it, about the rendered liquid, the inner liquid is green colored glass, I would like to share a previous attempt in Keyshot 5, where the material was liquid water, but when rendered the light could not reach through the different layer material (glass, water, skin) and iluminate the face (it was shown as black while the metal base and the spine rendered with no problems). I tried with Global ilumination (2.5) and number of bounces (32) with no luck.

escena mother brain.8.jpg

Only if I turn the face, brain and tentacles as a non translucid material (like clay or plastic) the parts would show, like this:
escena mother brain.13b.jpg

Thank you for the help!