Mortal Kombat 9 Scorion 3d Printed Mask and Armor

Working on creating a full Scorpion costume based on Mortal Kombat 9. Armor pieces were sculpted in Z-brush. I used a Raise 3d N2+ for the printing.

Weathering and paint test on first print.

Mask fit test.

Second version of the mask printed. I have small tweaks in the design on the back side to support the metal mesh.

First design I tried creating for the shoulder piece.

I went back and re-sculpted the shoulder piece for my 3d printed armor piece. Felt like the first one was a bit too busy and did not got with the mask that well.


Scorpion Shoulder Armor has been quiet a challenge so far. Two different designs and numerous sizing changes. After a couple of tweaks to the models and some failed prints, I got all the final parts printed. This weekend we glue, sand and prime!





Here’s an update on my Scorpion Shoulder Armor. Trying to balance out the sanding between getting rid of the print lines but keeping the surface details.

Managed to get some work done this weekend on my Scorpion Shoulder Armor…looking to start deigning the forearm armor next.



Really cool project. So far, great results.
I see the strap for the mask. How will you wear the shoulder piece?

Glad you like it. Yea I plan on hiding that strap somehow. I have an attachment at the tip where it faces my neck that I plan to run a strap. Ill figure all the attachments once I get done printing all the pieces.

I created a new video breaking down my modeling workflow for this piece.




Nice work and video!
2 questions:
-How did you get the 3d scan done?
-Why do all that work in Maya, rather than ZBrush?

I got the scan data at a local studio. They had a nice DLR camera setup with good lighting that made the scan data high in quality.

I do like some of the retopology tools in Maya better than using the method in Zbrush. Also some of the transform tools in Maya like the Snap together tool make it really easy to snap the base of the print flat on the printing bed. That being said I’m continuing to learn and use more tools within Z-brush and incorporate it more in my pipeline. I’m looking to push myself to do most/ all of my next piece on Z-brush.

Cool vid. I’ll keep an eye out for the next.

Looks like you’ve got the build to pull off Scorpion. I’d probably be closer to Bo’ Rai Cho lol.

lol…thanks man, I have been working out for a while but I’m kinda new to cosplay.

Making some progress on my Scorpion Cosplay. Still need to weather the shoulder armor but couldn’t help to slap on what I had so far and give it a test run. Armor sculpted in Z-brush and printed on a Raise 3D N2+.

Mask is complete! New video update below.