Morphing from picture to mesh.

Good Morning. I have seen an addon for zbrush that marks a few points in the mesh and places them in the reference photo, and automatically morphs the mesh to adapt it to the photo. I do not remember what that plugin is. If someone knows, could you tell me? I bought Zbrushcore 2018, just two days … It will serve for this Zbrushcore program or it will only serve for Zbrush. Thank you very much, and this is translated by google :slight_smile: Original: Buenos días. He visto un addon para zbrush que marcas unos puntos en la malla y los colocas en la foto de referencia, y automáticamente hace morphing de la malla para adecuarla a la foto. No recuerdo cual es ese plugin. Si alguien lo conoce, ¿ me lo podría indicar ? He comprado Zbrushcore 2018, apenas dos días… Servirá para este programa Zbrushcore o servirá solo para Zbrush. Muchas gracias.