more z brush practice =)

hey all, so here is my first attempt at sculpting a sketch i did, usually I go into zbrush without knowing what i will do but after trying to sketch something first and going in with a set idea it felt really good so… this is not a finished piece next time I will give my sculpt more detail and take it to a finish, rendering is something new to me to so hopefully with the next I will show improvement. thanks for looking




I really like this! Unsettling but perhaps just a friendly character with an unfortunate appearance. I love the ambiguity I get from it.

Very imaginative and atypical! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! nice to hear some some feedback! I will actually take this concept and make it into a life size display mask so stay tuned for that, I think I will use this thread for updating you all on my progress with this stuff =), thanks again for taking the time to drop a comment, really appreciate it :wink:
by the way if anyone is interested in checking out my masks you can see them here https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=100002927875631

-charlie =)

So here is the life size latex mask done from a Zbrush sculpt, hope you guys like it :wink:


very disturbing, yet oddly alluring, and well executed.

Awesome! I was wondering how you got such a sick render and then I scrolled up and realized… :lol:

Love the other masks on your site as well!

Mask looks great!

i dont comment very often…but I have to tell you, I…love…this…
Thats what I would like to be capable of. Great. Well done :smiley: :+1:

haha I love it! so strange yet he looks friendly enough!

Haha, looks hilarious!:+1:

Thanks a lot guys Im glad you all like it, I have another mask I also did from a Zbrush concept, it changed a lot but it got the ball rolling and the paint will be changed the next time I cast him, I hope you guys dont mind I post these as it is not a 3d final image, I just want to share how I have been using the amazing Zbrush lately :smiley:


Ha, ha, ha… I couldn’t stop laughing “What a wonderful oddball” (if that ain’t an oxymoron, I don’t know what is-:D) Too funny!!
Masocha, very cool what you do. Great to see an artist do his/her sketching in ZBrush then move over to real world material. It’s how I work when painting on canvas (real world canvas and paint)… I will fire up Painter and just mess around till I get close to what I am looking for (I mainly do it for colour mixing purposes.) Right now I too am pretty much doing what your doing i.e. work up the model in ZBrush then taking it to sculpty (no, I don’t do masks like you-which are just out of this world- I am doing small scale sculpts… don’t have the cash needed for 3D printing). Anywho, don’t want to make this about me-:smiley: It really blew me away to see another artist working in this fashion. Way, way cool. The last masks is totally wicked. The molding of it came out GREAT and the paint job, very pro. Will keep an eye on ya.

quick update hope you like =)


Today’s quick z sculpt

Man, I love me some aliens!!!
Eyes are especially wonderful, nice mat!
Any transparency used there? looks like it.


i like it, the chest area is really nice, and your latex sculpt is kick ass

Haha, latest one is great! :+1: