More Wormism - WIP and not likely to be finished

Apologies to Fouad B for jumping onto the worm bandwagon. I created this little fella by way of following Pixolator’s Zif Morph-target and uv mapping tutorial ( go here ) and fancied giving the technique a spin around the block.

It may help if your having problems to learn from my mistakes when following it I’ve got short term memory problems too

S’very good for anything wiggly such as - yes worms but also branches etc.

Worth a spin if you’ve not already tried it.
Best effects for this technique are achieved when listening to a disco beat.

The Flooze :slight_smile:

Feel free to add your own “wiggly” creations to this post.

:smiley: :smiley: Floozie


Hi Boozzy
My tribute to the WormWorld :smiley:
Have happy Worming!
Ps Cameyo’s Zplace Script of course :slight_smile:
A simple ring3D
Texture Stripes Vrep 5 for the worms
Texture 18 for the background
This technic for colorizing

Merci Pilou, an array of beautiful pasta worms for my dinner pot.
:+1: :slight_smile:

And here their Nests Galleries ! Wiggly country :slight_smile:
Curious world isn’t it ? :slight_smile:
Ps I am always amazed how Zbrush permit to make textures in 30 second !
(normal brush + Stroke Drag rect)
And Adjustment curv lines.
Cameyo’s Zplace Script again (for the initial form 10 second : a simple Ring3D + texture Stripes )
(for make something like previous post)
Et voila :rolleyes:

Flooze, he needs some incisors for chomping down on books or apples or whatever.


:+1: Great worm character.

It’s funny I was looking for that tutorial awhile back, thanks for digging it up.

Here is my experiment, a simple circle with texture, assembled with the Zplace Script and animated with Digit’s Widgets.

Here is another I made with the late great Kruzr’s Hexweave Texture which I think came out pretty cool.

I also found another good use of my Zifwidget. I used the Angle and Taper function to create this mobius? of 40 or 50 zspheres and I found that straighting out the whole thing to be quite tedious. There is a function on the Angle script to change the existing zsphere to the angle selected so I used it to align all nodes to 90 degrees which straightened out all the nodes in a line in a jiffy.

Cool! Digits. :+1:

Ever feel like one of those Pink Floyd Days?

“…and the worms ate into his brain.”

-Pink Floyd

(I’m still trying to figure out how to avoid the texture lines/cracks that are showing up in this texture.)

Thats one happy looking worm Boozy :)… I was messing around with ZSpheres tonight so heres my addition to the worm farm. ZSphere worms…

Looks so realistic¡¡¡
Congraulations to both¡¡

Digit, very nice pict !! :+1: :+1:

I hope that you are really hungry Jay !! :)))

Still playing with this, I decided to build a better mousetrap

Very design Digits, bravo! :+1:

Digits! Fantastic! keep going! :cool:

Cool Digits!
I have made some publicity of your crazzies Scripts here :cool:


Very classy, Digits. :+1:

Glow verms!

Antiantialias Vulgaris