More vehicles created inside Zbrush

Hi, these vehicles were created all inside zbrush for a challenge inside launchforth in which i entered along side with my colleague Kin Moreno, unfortunately we didn’t win but i wanted to share them with you!
More info about the complete project at: https://launchforth.io/ilel/mts/overview/?r=95b2a4f7-bd88-425b-916c-f6faf0baa937

Thanks for watching! and my first video tutorial for vehicle concept inside zbrush is coming soon!


Another image of the Mars transit vehicle




Wow, they look like they were constructed in Maya or 3D Max. What tools did you use in ZBrush to put these vehicles together? Can you show some of your process?

Thanks Dragon!
The process is to start with a basic idea i previously sketch on paper just with a basic 3/4 view, then i jump to zbrush and start with the basic overall shape with zmodeler, once im happy with the shapes i applied dynamic sub d, i increase the subdivisions and start refined it with basic brushes, as trim dynamic and also for some character lines, pinch and move brush, then if i want to refine it even more i can go to the lowest subdivision level and add more edges with zmodeler. Then i applied one again dynamic sub d , increase subdivision levels and once again refine it with basic brushes. I consider this process fast, accurate and very fun, its basically going back and forth from zmodeler to sculpting.
I’ve received so many good comments and a lot of interest in my process to designing vehicles inside zbrush, so last year i started working on several video tutorials to show you more in depth the different techniques i have developed trough all these years, Zbrush allow us as transportation designers to obtain something very rough to then add photoshop on top, or something very accurate which almost doesn’t need to add any post production process, also you can take different ways to design vehicles on zbrush, so i planned to show all of them on different videos. Im going to do my best to post the first video tutorial this month and as soon as i finish it i will let you know. Thanks for the interest on my work!
Ilel David
Transportation Designer

You have gained a fan-:wink: I will be chewing on my nails till you post your first video-:smiley: Thank you for describing how you work, very helpful.

Looking forward to these videos. We’ve been looking to introduce zbrush modelling to compliment Autodesk Alias in our automotive studio.

Thanks Dragon for your kind words! as soon as its ready i will let you know have a great weekend!

Hi Marcini thanks for you interest as well on my process, i will star posting every month a different technique to concept vehicles, zbrush with all its different tools allow us to have different approaches to achieve this.
And also im working with my colleague Kin Moreno which is a 3d cad specialist to applied reverse engineering to a zbrush model, once we find an understandable for every one pipeline we will create a video on how to concept from Zbrush to CAD.
Have a nice day and thanks again for showing so much interest
Cheers my friend!