More than 24 connections to a single vertex?

I have an eye mesh, made in Blender, that I would like to detail and texture with Sculptris. When I try importing it, Sculptris gives me an error message, telling me that there are more than 24 connections to a single vertex. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

time to post this again. Sculptris does not like “pie cut” circles, spheres, cylinders, etc … instead …

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but this one is short and resumes what can be found to a point. I am currently looking (for my wife) for software to give models created with architectural software (Allplan) a finish. Sculptris looks quite good, but the 24-connections import problem is a major obstacle. Allplan is unable to avoid the pie-cut problem, so simply doing other meshes is not an option. My question now: - does Sculptris Pro (as contained in ZBrush) still have the same problem? If not, all is fine. Otherwise - is there a working way to transform a mesh so that Sculptris can import it without a loss of quality? I have tried MeshLab and Meshmixer (and several other tools), but I am unable to find something that works. Channeling it through ZBrush would be fine, but I have no idea wether it works… I would have tried that myself, but the “trial” version is currently offline (alas), and I will not buy the full version just to find out and potentially fail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you use *.obj format? You can try Blender.