More Features for PaintStop Tool

Hello, i don’t know if there is a threads in the forum about features requests…

PaintStop is a tool i really never used in any of my project,

and i think it’s bad because it has a real great potential behind and can really be used as an important part for ZBrush.

First of all, i notice that there is not so much tools inside, no menus, not so much capabilities except, drawing and painting.
But Zbrush has some great tools for 3D, why not same for 2D ?
Layers doesn’t seems to have any parameters to fuse them like in Photoshop. adding transparancy would be a minimum i think

Here are some ideas that comes to me, i would like to see implemented here:
Symetry: painting using symetry in sketchbook pro is so cool, this method allow artist to draw characters very quickly with a great precision.
Rotation: Rotate the document would also help to draw curve correctly.

And why not by the way, use this draws directly on the front and side XYZ planes in ZBrush once finished ?
that would be awesome !