Hi, this is my new artwork. I have made modeling and texturing in Zbrush, rendering in Keyshot and composition in Photoshop. I would like to show you some closeup, and animation too. I hope you will like it.


It’s nice to see you back posting again :slight_smile: Care to share how you went about?

How the heck did you created this structure? in dinamesh? so cool!!!

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Thank you! I really love to share my works here :slight_smile:
I thought about it, maybe I could say a little more about this work. Maybe it would be nice to show a few stages of work on this?

Thank you! :slight_smile: This is few connected meshes, and of course I used dynamesh too.

@Tomstrzal that would be fantastic especially for those who don’t know your body of works and how you create this special style of yours :wink:

@jaime I think that in the end of this week I will have something, I hope, intheresting about this work. :slight_smile: I think about mini tutorial and new animations :slight_smile:


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Unusual design it is, I’ll be checking your tips :slight_smile:


This looks really beautifull , Awesome work!

I agree, showing your steps would be great. I am new to Zbrush Central and I saw this artwork, and it immediately caught my eye.

This artwork is great!


Another video from my latest artwork, “Monument”. I had a delay about mini tutorial/steps, but I do this right now and I’ll send it in saturday. Sorry about that.

Looking forward to it :wink:

I thouth about tutorial but at first I want to show you short video with creative process.

Thanks for sharing the time lapse…I’ll be refreshing the page tonight :rofl: