Hello Guys … here is a piece that i did this year …

Zbrush, maya and keyshot.

was very fun to do it … and i thing this is my last piece of this year …

in overview for me … 2016 was a great year… i´m very happy with my results.

i hope that 2017 be so much better for me and for everyone .

i hope u like.






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great job and good result,

congrats man!!! :smiley:

Insane model, well done.
Congrats for the TR :smiley:

Whoa…this is insanely cool!

Awesome Sculpt Dude ThumbsUp

dude, amazing detail and great sculpt :+1:

neat work buddy. :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Incredible work!

A monster creating a monster ! Insane work Ric :smiley:

Great work man!
I really like the design of the accesories, very unique and detailed, and just the right amount of interesting objects, without getting too crowded.
Very, very cool!

Very nice bro!!!

Thank you so much guys …

hey guys … when i did this piece, i dont knew the artist name, he did that concept.

so, i found him and here is all credit for concept .

An amazing artist.