Monster hunter world ver - Deviljho!


Hi, guys.

This is my first post.

I work as a 3D modeler in Korea.

Most of them are designing dinosaurs and animals.

The main character of the day is Monster Hunter world famous monster DEVILJHO

I hope you’ll continue to pay a lot of attention to my 3D works.

You can see it in 3d by going to the link below.

We used Zbrush, Substance Painter 2019, and Keyshot8…


My goodness greatness that is a way to start of here at th ZBrush Central Forum. :hushed::smile: @kongtrex
At first I wanted to welcome you to the community and family of zbc, absolutely amazing to see your work posted in such detailed manor.

Could I ask you a bit about your sculpting workflow? Did you create any VD Brushes for the spikes or did you create and copy around different objects to place the spikes etc :slight_smile: Would love to hear more about your workflow and I am sure the community aswell.

Happy sculpting buddy and once again Welcome to ZBC :slight_smile:

God me really WOWed this evening which is great :slight_smile:

Kenny :slight_smile:


Hi, friend. Thank you so much for welcoming me!

Most of the spikes were made using masks, SNAKE HOOK brush, and MOVE brush.

I didn’t create or do VD brush.


@kongtrex You are more than welcome, how can I not welcome such stunning piece of team effort as I just read.

Cant wait to see more of all of you and thank for answering my question of what usage of workflow for the spikes. Now that I see the model. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: This is my friday inspiration :fire: Could I ask in how many UDIMS you have seperated the model?

Kenny :slight_smile:

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Great to see you post here. Beautiful work! Love every image.

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I like how you’ve placed the scale and skin details @kongtrex different than your standard prehistoric animals. Well done!

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Crazy works man!!:clap:

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Thank you, Jamie.
Please look forward to my work from now on.


I can’t believe I’m meeting my friend here!
It’s so nice to meet you. Please look forward to it.


It was divided into 10 uv in total.

Head, torso, hind legs, tail.

the inside of the eyes, the outer walls of the eyes, the gums, the tongue of the tongue


That’s some extremely nice detail work! Just as good if not better than what’s in the game.

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Stunning work. :+1:
I like the detailed texture.


thanks bro !!

I hope you’ll continue to pay a lot of attention to my 3D works.


Love the color combination on this!
Anyone know what the flap of skin connecting the upper lower jaw is named?
…I even “Anatomy jaw” googled that sh*t with no help. haha!

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They say it’s a kind of jaw muscle

It’s information from dinosaur experts around me.


“Adductor” was as far as I got when researching Crocodile anatomy, thanks so much, and Looking forward to seeing more artwork.
If anyone knows of an anatomy book that clearly illustrates this level of description please post!