Monsieur Pierre

I realized that I haven’t posted here in so long, so I may start posting old pieces!

I haven’t done anything properly finished in ages, so here is a portrait of Monsieur Pierre…More images to come soon!
It was a painful project, that I abandoned a few times and finally I’m done with it, a lot of things could be improved but is time to move on to other projects. I learnt quite a few things on this one, and hopefully the next one will be easier. Thanks for watching!
A special thanks to Monsieur Pierre for letting me use him as reference for my model.
All the sculpt detail was done ( painfully ) by hand using some custom made alphas


Stunning work! Really impressive - thank you so much for sharing. :+1:

Absolutely amazing!!! thanks for the treat Alex! :blush: keep rocking!

stunning! :slight_smile: great work

this is breathtaking