Monkey King

Hi guys, this is my work for CGCHALLENGE XXVII 10. The story is about Money King who collects all his strength and remove the straitjacket from his head with the help of Sanweizhenhuo. With straitjacket on his hand, Monkey King gets reborn again. The human World, the devil world and the fairy world gets shocked: a new era with new order has come. Hope you like it. Thanks!
Software: Maya, Zbrush,Mari, Photoshop, VRay,Nuke



AMAZING! clay render please!

Stunning work man! Love it.

congrats. fantastic work

It’s work like this that makes me want to be a better artist. Just amazing.

Awesome piece. Time to throw some tutorials in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx Guys` : ) , some WIP

Super awesome!

Its Really Beautiful … plz show some more renders from different angle, its amazing.:wink:

Awesome work dude. It should be in top row. Btw have u used fibermesh for the hair or any other hair system? Would love to see the wireframe shot. Not just a fine model but I loved your dramatic composition. Keep it up.

Stunning work and a character I love, funnily enough I was walking about thinking about doing a quick scfi version today, involving him trashing the GOW. Great stuff and goodluck.


wow man, awesome work very inspiring!

That’s jaw dropping! insane detail. By the way, this might be noobish question but how do you get those alpha details for the scales of the armor to have all the same color, like the green bands in between? or do you just polypaint or texture every single one of them?

Texture every single one of them, wireframes



my man this is great work ~ ! i read from your website you are releasing a training DVD for this ? May i know when will it be out ? I would sure love to get my hands on it


t o p r o w

… please show us more - please -

This looks awesome! I really like how you handled the leather.

one of the best works I have ever seen, I’m sure this will be in the top row soon

Awesome! Greate job. looks great, waiting for your more works.:+1: