Monday Night Challenge: *Monsters & Villains* • 09-22-03 to 10-06-03

I wanted to thank all the participants of the MNC-The Unofficial ZMascot:

Frenchy Pilou, ed_the_atom, manou, Juandel, Extra Dimensional, vincentducos, andreseloy, noba,
kokoro, Northstarr, Ron Harris, and Stonecutter.

Excellent entries everyone!

Thats right…we are kicking off the horror early to prepare you for Halloween.

Here are the parameters

                     :large_orange_diamond:Add all kinds of props (made in ZBrush of course) but really add em on.

Ear rings, armor, weapons, clothing…everything. These monsters are going to be tough.

                     :large_orange_diamond:This can either be a completed image

with lighting, best rendering and background or or just the modeling.

                     :large_orange_diamond:As it says, Monsters or Villians..old or fictional. Maybe even an evil self portrait...go nuts!

                     :large_orange_diamond:Can use any and all [i]native[/i] zbrush

tools for both 2D and 3D. Zscripts like Zsketcher are acceptable
as well.

                     :large_orange_diamond: Must be new works...no recycling!

Thats it.

Good Luck and Happy ZBrushing!

PS-I was detained yesterday due to my mother and her precious baby kitty. Though 10 years old, she is still her baby. She is an indoor cat and she is missing. We fear the worst for this has never happened before…it has been two days now. =(

I made one too!

LOL, ok will see you guys later in the IRC.

I’ll probably miss it , gotta get up early tomorow and those chats are quite late in my timezone :stuck_out_tongue:

MTB : my cat had been away for a week once
and came back , never knew what happened.

Sorry to hear it MTB. When our cats go missing it’s usually because they have been locked in neighbours’ garages.

You’ve probably thought of this already but thought I’d post in case you hadn’t. Maybe a neighbour is away or something. Good luck with your search.

Sorry to hear about your mothers’ cat MTB…
I live aboard the ‘Midnight Wind’ with two, and I regard them as family, so I know how hard this is to deal with for you and your mother…I hope her ‘furry buddy’ shows up…

Not being much into ‘Monster’ stuff, I won’t be doing anything for this challenge, but I would like to offer a suggestion for a future MNC…

Why not try some more abstract and ‘Non-Object’ challenges? For instance, a good challenge might be the illustration of a figure of speech… What would ‘a stitch in time, saving nine’ look like? Or how about the imagination required to depict an emotion in a modelled form?

Although there is nothing wrong in challenges involving the tangible, if there were more abstract components to these challenges, I think you would have more of an artistic ‘stretch’…
Just a few thoughts to consider. I realize that these challenges are conceived in the IRC chat, and I don’t participate in those, but I wanted to offer some suggestions anyway… :wink:

(One thing I will say…You come up with some great fonts in your titles for these, Dude! :+1: :sunglasses: )

Hi MtB
And a another suggestion for a future challenge dedicaced to the Cameyo’s Zplace Script ? :cool:

Uh, shouldn’t that be Villains?

Oh well… I’m gonna have a crack at this one :smiley:


I’m gonna create a monster of all monsters, it actually EATS other monsters and forces their siblings to eat the by-product the day after. A BAAAD monster… in fact it’s SO bad, it’s going to eat all of YOUR monsters!! :mad: He’s coming everybody…

lol Jay.
Glad you like it.

As for an abstract challenge. Where is the’challenge’ in it as apposed to using ZBrush for creating the tangable. Albeit fun, easily done, and certainly more open to artistic freedom, abstract isn’t what ZBrush is all about (IMO anyway). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate abstract art…yet truth be told, I don’t prefer it either.
The whole concept behind the MNC is to do just that…Challenge users to do things that are new and difficult and learn from it…and do it all the ZBrush way. We were going to have a 2D challenge a few weeks back. Nothing but simple pixol pushing but of course with a fun challenge in mind. Would make a great challenge to see how users can make ZBrush stand up with Painter and Photoshop. Look at cneofotistos, Southern, and DeeVee to name a few. We all ended up appending the 2D aspect to the ZMascot Challenge. That way, those who were more comfortable with sketching then modling could join in too. But, 2D abstract…seems too easy for a ‘challenge’…know what I mean? Now, then there is 3D type abstract, frenchy’s love. :wink: Now there is great possibilities in there. Maybe we will do an Escher Challenge sometime…3D structural abstract.
Another thing though, one of the main purposes for the challenges (or in my case…starting them up again) was to give new members inexperienced with ZBrush a chance to try something in it…to have a goal to achieve and not just random doodling (I know thats all I did before I happened on my first MNC). A great thing about the MNC thread is that if someone has a question or problem about how to create a certain aspect of the challenge in ZB, other members would post links and other support material to assist. Not to many people have popped in for that though.
Also, the challenges are a direct discussion of the participants in the MN IRC chats. The only reason for this is that everyone has a chance to discuss it live and without delay. If ZBC makes a ‘Poll’ Sticky, we might one day hold voting online for Challenge topics…but until then, IRC is just as quick and easily interactive.

I hope that clears things up a little bit…I have been at work 3 hours so far ans haven’t accomplished a thing yet…lol…gotta go.

Take care and good luck everyone.

old ones :slight_smile: hope u enjoy them

Cool manou I like the first one better…but no old or recycled stuff…make something new… :wink:

I think you missed my point by about 3 light years MTB… :smiley:
I wasn’t referring to abstract painting, but abstract concept…Portraying an emotion with a model is hardly less challenging than deciding where to put an extra horn…
I meant rather than ‘let’s make a truck’, or ‘let’s make a battle axe’, let’s stretch artistically. Lets try to portray the invisible visibly, or a figure of speech for instance…To me, that’s a hell of a lot more of a challenge! :wink:

But…Like I said, I don’t participate in the chat so I understand my input is limited.
(And seeing as ‘Monsters’ are the most common thing new users seem to do, as well as some of the long term users, where is the challenge there? )
I’m not trying to start a dispute, just clarify my point…I was NOT suggesting abstract paintings, but abstracts expressed in artwork…

SC there are so many.

Sirquadalot… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

MTB’s head explodes @ SC’s view askew

I’ll clarify things a touch myself.

Either imagined, written, performed, painted, or modeled, all are ‘expressed’. Abstract is just that no matter how you slice it. Art not representing things realisticlly. Thought of apart from material objects. These ideas are what governed my response. And yes, you are right…out of IRC…input is limited. It shows the importance of how IRC makes this all a group effort.

Sorry there is so much gray area on this.

Now, The Challenge here is to prop up one’s work. Monsters are just the harbingers of said parameter…and a teaser for halloween.
Also, when done well, is far from an easy pop in ZB. Unless you’re Pixolator, or any of our other laudable ZB masters…everything in Z is a challenge.

Okay now…So, snag your evil caps yall…its time to let the baddies out. Don’t forget…Prop em up well too. :wink: :+1:

BTW - Thanks Lazarus…its AI and not IA blush

Hello, i’m kinda new here so i hope you dont mind me having a go :smiley:
Ive gone for a villan…great idea these Challenges!

Lol…Thats cool Matt. Couple of props there too. :+1: :wink:

It doesn’t matter if your an old user or new…full or demo version. You could have even just found out about ZBrush today…doesn’t matter. MNC is open to all.


Just thought of something…I suppose 2.5D work like scars and hair would be considered ‘dolling it up as well’. ZSubbing too. :smiley:

Okay MTB…I’ll try again, but might I suggest that we carry on this conversation via PM, rather than tie up the thread with this…
I think once again you miss the point…
I’m talking about abstract concepts not abstract art…As an artist, with no other occupation in my entire adult life, I have thought about this a fair bit, so pardon any perceived intransigence on my part…
What I’m suggesting is that these topics are not that ‘challenging’ in themselves…We have all watched lots of horror movies, to the point where some of the characters have become embedded in our cultural identity. In fact, I’m a major fan myself, and among my huge DVD collection I have some of the beauties of the genre…Therefore the ‘challenge’ is limited to feeding back these stereotypes…The skill of the user might decree the level of the depiction, but the basic prototypes are already there. All I was trying to suggest is that there are more thought-provoking and imaginative topics that would raise the imagination bar…I understand your rational for the IRC chat being where these things are sorted out, and accept that I have no real input…That’s cool with me.
There are flaws in your analysis of the terms here, and if you want to continue the discussion, please feel free to PM me or email me, because I must admit it has been an interesting and stimulating discussion…I’ve enjoyed the exchange of opinion on this topic. :cool:

Hello everyone;
With all do respect for both veterans and new
members on this forum, I would just want to say
that I share Mr. Stonecutter’s point of view.

Happy zbrushing everybody! :slight_smile:

PM is better yes…yet no thank you. Not to be mean but, like the world is diverse in material…so is one’s mind and beliefs. I am not one to try and change nor correct someone to my opinions. I am just happy most like the challenges. I do admit that I too feel the challenges should contain a more advanced edge. Problem is, considering ZBrush has so many new users, the more the task…the harder one might find it to participate. Like I said earlier…it would be nice to have a poll sticky feature here. Thank you for your passion in the matter though. Im more ways than one…art is all about perspective.