Monday Night Challenge 5 Z-flowers and glass

Monday Night Challenge
First off, there are no winners and no losers. This is not a contest. It’s a chance for everyone to take one idea and see how many different ways it can be done. A chance to share tips.

Each Monday night (in irc chat. Server - irc.sorcery.net port 9000 room zbrush3) the person who issued the challenge the week before, selects a new person to come up with a theme… random choice, picking a name out of a hat, throwing a dart whatever. It’s not decided by who did the best picture (that keeps the playing field level for all.)

For those who might not like that only people who can get in irc can get the chance to choose a theme, We’re sorry, but it was decided that it was the only way to ensure that a theme would be announced that night. Also, it’s good to discuss a theme with the group to work out the details.
Note: if for some reason the person who’s to select the new person doesn’t show up, a name will be drawn. (This is to make sure there is no hold up on the challenge. This also ensures no one person can derail that week.)

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Give a quick description of what you used to create the image… or a detailed indepth lesson is most welcome, but not mandatory. This is to be fun, not hard work.

ok with that out of the way…our new person to put out the challenge idea of the week is from the one and only Joe (DEEVEE)

<LI>Joe has challenged us this week to do a flower scene with glass.

<LI>It is pretty much open for interpretation, but the scene must have flower(s) and glass present.

<LI>It must also all be done in Zbrush completely. The reason being that we are doing these to stretch our Z creativeness

So break out the thinking caps and get busy.

Thanks to Pixolator, we will now have a gallery. If you want your image included add
[GalleryEntry] to your image tag.

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Looking forward to seeing what people come up with this thread. Glass has always been hard to figure out.

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Here’s another to keep the ball rolling…



The table is a squashed cube 3D with a hand drawn texture tiled along the width with draw/perspective added.
The glass is a cylinder 3D with a large inner radius, the material shown and draw/perspective added - it was quite tricky to place but the ‘reflection’ on the table was a pleasant accident. :slight_smile:
The water is another cylinder with the jellybean material with upped transparency.
The flowers are stretched cylinders for the stems and sweep profiles for the buds.
I added some post refraction effects with the simple brush which aren’t too hot but add a bit of realism to the material.
Hope this was of interest.

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Very nice, Mik! :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s a little doodle. I’m still having problems with transparancy. My final render never turns out how I expected , so I still have to figure that out a bit.
And another question , it says the scene has to contain a glass , is a bowl alright too ?
The transparacy issue already involves the water so do I really need a glass ?

Very interesting images so far. you need glass! the bowl could be glass or you may care to add some other item,

okay , thanks for the quick answer Joe.

This is my first try at this week’s challenge!
:b2: Stoke Pallette # 6 line
:b2: alpha brush # 11
:b2: Cube 3D
:b2: gradient map
These were saved and a new document opened.
:b2: SweepProfile 3D
:b2: shape as you wish.
:b2: For trasnparency under Draw, Z intensity and z intensity set to 30. Use whatever colour you wish.
:b2: material GelShaderA
:b2: Brush #07
:b2: Hook Brush
:b2: Arrange flowers as desired.
I am sure there is an easier way to acomplish the same results, but this is how this image was done. I hope the information is helpful to someone.
[Gallery Entry]

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Really good Mik. Thanks for the walkthrough to.
Namek really like the idea. Remember to get the material transparancy to work you have to unflatten the layers (in the render pallet) I’m sure other tips will come up in this thread.

DeeVee love the flowers and vase. Really nice.

Thanks Debs. Which one of the vase’s do you like best?

Dee, the one with the flowers. The bottom looks a little small though. Like it’s about to tip over. Maybe just flatten it would work better.

The other one is nice, but appears a little flat. With flowers maybe it would help. Not sure. Still, very bright and colorful. I like it. ~s~

The bottom is very heavy so it will not tip over :slight_smile: It was specially made to give that impression :slight_smile: :smiley: Thanks for the comments.

Another try on more familar grounds
[Gallery Entry]

Another try!
[Gallery Entry]

WHOOOOOEEE! nice water DeeVee!!!


Well here it is. My biggest project yet. Larger than usual and 6 layers. Nothing on this was hand drawn, all the objects including the flowers and leaves were modelled:
Vase modelled out of a sphere
Candles from the cylinder
Candle holders from a sphere
Flowers using a sweep tool, and multimarkers to make a composite. Leaves also from a sweep tool.
Water from a sphere.
Table from a cube
And the poles from a cylinder.

Whew! Believe me - for me this was indeed a challenge since I will try to get out of modelling if I can as I don’t do it so well. But the practice is certainly helping!


Sure hope you enjoyed it!

OOps almost forgot!

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DeeVee, really like the glass ball one. We find those on our shores to. Super job.

Northstar. Now that is glass!! Super image. I’d love to delve into your mind and find out how you made that glass look so real. hint hint ~G~

Hé Northstarr,

This is very real glass, great job i love it.
How did you make this very nice glass, some
hints maby…
:grimacing: :+1: :+1:

Thank you so much for the kind comments. I will try and make a zscript for you on how I make the glass. But it will have to wait until I get back from work - so look for it later today.
Thanks again.

Great job Mak. I am pleased you were able to extend yourself with this challenge. Looking forward to the script :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: