Mola Ram-Temple of Doom

This is my 1st attempt to work on the likeness project and to learn new tools like Xgen and Arnold, he is one of my favorite actors from Bollywood. I really liked the part he played in the movie Temple of Doom.

Thanks to all my friends for their valuable feedbacks while working on it…

Softwares used Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter

Feel free to critic



Good work, Likeness is perfect :+1:

above excellent !

how did you achieve the skin pores

awesome job done man.

Awesome work as always Rohit! Great likeness, modelling and technique! well done.

Beautiful !

  • dopepope: Thanks man
  • mickboy: Thanks Michael, thts really motivating
  • Rakib: Thanks Rakib
  • pid18000: Thanks man, i used AAron sims alpha and some real photos online
  • locky10: Thank a lot

Perfect likeness. Love it.

Wow. I really love the likeness . It’s excellent!

Outstanding piece, i love the work on the eyes. Can you please explain the techniques for the liquid under the eye (lower eye lid) and the techniques to blur/blend the eyelids/tear duct with the eyeball?

Congrats for Top Row. Well deserved and Highly inspiring Rohit Sir.

Perfect likeness and first class work in every way.

Saw and liked this on Facebook yesterday!!! Good to see that you got top row for this Outstanding work!!! Awesome!!!


Superb! Absolutely outstanding work! :+1:

This is by far one of the best work ever posted on zebrushcentral!!! Have no words to explain howmuch I love the artwork. Really looking forward for the making.

I agree with the rest of the choir here, this is really stunning work and the likeness is spot on. As soon as i saw the thumbnail i knew who it was.

/ Magnus

Very realistic. Love the skin detail and the eyes!

CamilleKleinman: Thanks a lot, your marvelous stuff is amazing:D
Magnus3D: Thanks buddy, getting the likeness was really tough for me
sagiarts: hehe thanks for the kind words man, yea m working on it
Webhead: Thanks buddy
SolidSnakexxx: Thank you
remcv8: Thanks man, yeahhh… i m happy to see it on the top row
dillster: Thank you so much
KSMSH85_CG: Thank you Kasim bhai for the motivation, sab aapki dua hai:D
mirrored:Thanks dude, yea sure, it was just a polymesh model covering the tear duct with complete transparent material on with high refractive shader eye.JPG

Max33:Thanks you so much
Rogan: Thanks dude.

Nice work bro… good details and shader