Moises Gomes - SketchBook

I´ve come to share my new works and studies in this great forum.

I´d like to hear some feedback if possible and thanks in advance guys

I hope you guys like it.

Centaur Vs Satyrs: Sculpted in Hard Clay.



brilliant work! I am interested in your workflow. do you draw sketches or maybe use zbrush for rapid prototyping? good job!

Wow, this is awesome !

Loving this. I would also like to see your process for developement.

A w s o m e

User: Hello my friend. I am very happy you enjoy my work. I made a basic design to make sense of proportion and design of the character. To show the production process will post some pictures. Thank you.

lemontmoon, InkySpot,Spyridon Boviatsos : Thanks my friends !!! Thank you for the posts … :smiley:

Man, I´m glad that I was able to see these sculptures here at work. U rock brother! Sculpture Top Row! LoL!!!

Cheers monster!

Here are a few pictures of the Centaur´s process.


I´m choosing some pictures from the Satyrs! Soon I´ll post them.

completly sick! :smiley:
Duuuuuuude thats awesome!all the details and this chainmail!!!sick :smiley:

Phosforced: kkkk … Thanks my friend. I’m glad you liked it! =)

Satyrs production process.



This study was a likeness of the character Hellboy. He is 70 cm tall and weighs about 45 KLS. It was made ***8203;***8203;within one month.
Material: Plastilina


Some very good traditional sculpting! Hellboy’s face looks awesome!

awesome HB

Fine and dandy (Especially that chain-mail), but not sure what it has to do with ZBrush.

really nice sculpt ,
i really like teh hell boy

omg no symmetry button!!! lolol awesome!

sooo… Cool…

Thanks my Friends !!!

Hello my friends. Follows the process of producing HellBoy.



Very cool, keep it coming. Awesome job.