Modern Melusina

The title is really just a silly clin d’oeil to Manet’s Moderne Olympya. My watergoddess however being a grumpy old museum hag in a little visited wing of mythology made me think that I should add her a shiny bath cap to make her look younger. But from her look I guess that she resents my revamping efforts…
Modeled in Zbrush, rendered in Keyshot, Compositing done in Photoshop.



The french philosopher Descartes compared animals to unconscious automata. The robotcat illustrates the body- soul relationship by opening the philosopher’s skull. Thus it reveals that according to this dualistic philosophy that the pineal gland of the human brain ‘receives’ consciousness, demonstrating thereby that is not bound to the confines of the neurons. Or is the cat taking its revenge on the philosopher for legitimazing vivisection on animals, by pretending that the screams of anguish are but the noise produced by a broken machinery?

A modern take on an antique parody of the battle of Troy.

Simon keeping a close eye on his cheeky crew…

Luckily anglerfish are unaware of their look…Ignorance is bliss!

love it.:wink:

Catburnings used to be the rage in my area not really so long ago.
They took place during summer solstice to scare the demons away.
In France the bonfires were only recently replaced by the fete de la musique.
The tower in the background is from the clothhall of Ypres. This tower was used to throw the cats to their death.
Today they use cat dolls, which is safer for anyone passing underneath the tower;)

Thanks you Diabolo,
much appreciated!