Modelling Accessories/Items for Characters?


My name is Dave. I am new around here. I am wondering what are some of your workflows for modelling accessories and items for your character models? I am a little new to Zbrush and I am learning new things each time I open it up and start sculpting, I would really like to know artists workflows on how to do those fine detail’s that really sell a character.

For the past week I have been working on this VERY simple character he is going to be for a game. I have some basic form there and some things I have blocked out that I want to put into the model but I can’t seem to find the best way to do it.

I am not happy with the straps for the mask (they don’t merge into the surface of the mask properly to make it believable). I would also like to add detail to the top of his trousers so they aren’t so cut off and they transition well, at the moment you can tell they are trousers but the top where there should be elastic or a belt or stitching etc would sell it more and make them look like trousers.

I am struggling with this very much and would like to get a helping hand and some friendly advice on what ways I could approach this and what brushes to use etc.

Please bare in mind that I am new at sculpting in general and I am also new at Zbrush (been sculpting for about 6 months, been using Zbrush for just over a week).

Thanks guys!