Modeling/texturing Showreel

here is Some of my works that i made this year for Commericals,films and Games
hope you enjoy and C&C is always welcome




here some Zbrush screenshots for iron man suit,70% of the model built inside zbrush, the head and Hands was built in max ,for the body i made a rough base mesh inside max .then imported it to zbrush for retopology and extracting besides some sculpting

Nice work dude… keep up the good work… its looking awesome

it’s great. guess u needed a lot of time to do that suit?! anyway it’s awesome :slight_smile:

hanx1990 thanks man :wink:

T-Eight thanks man the suit took about 2 weeks ,guess not so much comparing if it was modeled in max it would take much longer

here some tank shots of the m60 A3 patton , it was modeled for a feature film but i wanted to make my own render too

For Hi-Res


Really cool work dude.

thank you Suba