Modeler required - paid work

This is the second time I’ve come to the forum to ask for some help. The first project worked out extremely well and I managed to produce a great piece of work which I’m really happy with.

This next project is a little more complex. I’m very keen on the work of Mauro Perucchetti and one work in particular - Batman and Superman (http://www.ufunk.net/en/artistes/batman-superman-mauro-perucchetti/). I’ve seen this sculpture which is life size (or possibly larger) and carved in marble. It’s utterly fantastic. And I want to create it as a 3-d printed sculpture for my dining table at around 400mm at the longest side. (This will be for my own use only and won’t be replicated)

However, I realize my own limitations and need someone to build me the model to start with. I can adapt it for my own use as necessary but, in an ideal world, I’d need it as close to the original as possible. I have grabbed as many images of the piece as I can find and would send them to you as a starting point. I’ve got pretty good 360 deg coverage and what I don’t have covered shouldn’t be too difficult to work out. I will also be working on the model afterwards.

I understand this isn’t a trivial five minute job but am prepared to pay the going rate. Any questions, just ask. Thankssuperbat5.jpg

Hi there, I think I can help you with this

Thanks for the reply. I think I now have found a good modeler via Fiverr and he seems pretty experienced at doing this sort of project. It’s also coming along quite well so far.
However, I’ll keep your name in mind if things don’t work out as I hope.

No problem :slight_smile: