Mirko - My Hero Academia (Fan art)

My new fan art of Mirko from the anime/manga My Hero Academia
Hope you like it!
Sorry for reposting but I realized that my old sketchbook doesn’t update on the front page like it used to anymore.

And some progress shots:
I started from a simple sketch
ZBrush Document
Then I decided to push it to a full pose so I blocked out the body with spheres and tubes

Time to figure out the pose, the mannequin is super useful for this, I edited it to fit the character more
It was easy then to pick the right pose, I then did a quick sketch on top di define the idea
Then posed the model and resculpted the joints that broke during the posing
Finally I polished the body and hair. For the hair I used some hair strands brushes and some custom ones to get the right tips.


End Result turned out awesome, Thanks for sharing =)


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Thank you for liking it! :smiley:

Love the work! (Love the show too! Gosh I can wait till next season)
Really enjoyed seeing the process too, great post!

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Me too! I’m super excited