Miren - Real Time Character

I wanted to share my latest free time project with you awesome people. She’s a real time character, sculpted using Zbrush and Marvelous Designer, textures made using Quixel Suite and retopo in maya. The beauty shots are rendered in Toolbag2.
Thanks for looking and please enjoy! :smiley:






Very cool work!

very nice work everything looks wonderful

very cool character…
i really like her outfit and overall look.


Excellent Project! :+1:

Thank you so much for the kind comments guys! :smiley:

Fantastic work!

Looks awesome! :slight_smile: Mind sharing your technique on the hair? <3

These renders are unreal! Great work. I just picked up Marmoset Toolbag myself. Does it accept zbrush fibermesh data natively for rendering?

Very realistic! The sculpt, the design, the weathering and textures–it’s all top notch.

Like nikol, I’d really love to know how you did the hair.

It’s nice to see a female character that doesn’t suffer from the “wedgie from hell”. :wink:

Very nice

Great and alot of life in the character : )

Great work! Awesome cloth and hair! Keep it up!

Wow your character is amazingly realistic. Congrat!

Thank you all so much, you are too kind!

nikol & SKYWAYS128 - It’s nothing super fancy really. I’ve mostly relied on good old fashioned manual hair plane placement, with lots of variation in the alpha varying from large chunks of hair to thin loose strands that I use to break up the silhouette and add some life to it. Lots of staring at references and juggling between maya and toolbag to control the final look. I might put together a small breakdown of it since people are asking about it. :slight_smile:

stuffbyjk - I don’t know too much about fibermesh support in Toolbag. I’d imagine you can import the fibermesh geometry and apply the anisotropic shader for decent results but it’s not supported the way it is in zbrush with BPR making it auto-gorgeous, and it’s likely quite performance heavy. You can bake the fibermesh down to planes to make it better fit for real time use in toolbag, I’ve seen this done with good results. This hair is also for real time use, but with a hand painted alpha and not using fibermesh. :slight_smile:

Really cool Character - great skills!!! Congratz on TR :+1:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Beautifull character!

Awesome work, pretty solid and natural looking! GJ!
And yeah, just another word for hair :wink:

This is great! So detailed, it’s hard to believe it’s real-time!

wow really nice work :smiley:
I’d love to see a breakdown on that lovely hair or samples of your card textures :slight_smile:

outstanding work on this character!