Ministerarts halloween entry...(Nudity)

in for a penny…

first test composite…

Operating_room1 copy.jpgs.jpg

man, i loved that… very nice! no words!

man, I love the way you’re thinking :D:evil:

wow that’s crazy! but really great and nice composition! :+1:

WOW man wow, great image.

Jesus, this looks awsome already.

I could fiddle with this forever but I wont so this is my final image for the challenge. Im not the best at compositing images but I have tried my best with this one.

Its inspired by the multiple car wreck that was my marriage.


[attach=111370]halloween medium.jpg[/attach]


halloween medium.jpg

Great composite, I love the slight reflection on the floor and the sculpt itself is amazing. One small critique I have is the shadows in the scene. The composite background you chose has really soft diffused shadows but on your sculpt, there’s really sharp and strong shadows. I noticed that you hit the soft shadows right on their integration into the composite. Perhaps a fill light in zbrush or adjusting levels on that layer in photoshop could fix that up. Great work though! :+1:

Thanks for the positive comments.

I agree about the harsh shadows…i need to spend more time learning zbrush lighting and stuff.

I just started learning 3dsmax and im sort of getting to grips with it…looking forward to more sophisticated renders in the future.