Miles Morales / Spider-Man

My adult version of Miles Morales / Spider-Man
I always wanted to make a Spider-Man and I was inspired by the concept of Gop Gap. When I saw the original artwork I thought it would be cool to see Miles in a more adult version.

I used ZBrush for modeling, Substance Painter for texturing, rendering was done in Maya with Arnold, hair with xgen. The skin details are a mix of XYZ alpha and brushes from zbrushguides.com . HDRIs used are from hdrihaven.com

You can check my Artstation post for more info and references I used.



Wow!!! @Wokeo! that is really really impressive, bravo!

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Thank you @AbbY-Art ! It means a lot to me :smile:

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Thank’s a lot @Jaime !!! :grin:

I love this design! Hugh spidey fan :spider:
Thanks for sharing!!

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This is killer my dude. Really digging those proportions.

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Thanks to you @KyleJ39 for these kind words :grinning:

Thanks a lot @Navarokoj ! :smiley: