milans Sketchbook

Busnismanpatriot, Bfngz, thank you! Selahpoetic, I used a plugin for 3ds Max called Wrap It. It was extremely effective, and only cost around $60.00 so it was well worth the buy.

Here is another piece I had started as a sketch, but went down the pipeline and rendered it in 3ds Max with Mental Ray. It is the ‘Oracle’, an amazing sculpture done by the artist Jordu Schell at Schell Sculpture Studio. I cannot take any artistic credit for this, however was very happy with the technical progress made.oracle_1.jpgoracle_2.jpgoracle_3.jpg

This last bust is amazing :open_mouth: great expression, love the polypainting you made. Maybe a more darker background would fit better with the model regarding composition, but that’s just me. Great Work :+1:

Jagoro, thank you!! I learned a lot making it, and Schell has some pretty wild creatures.

Here’s a guy I did yesterday, around 3-4 hours sculpt and polypaint from the demo soldier’s head. Decimated and rendered in 3ds Max, it was a lot of fun, trying to get away from using references and just sculpt without any objectives.


good sculpt and nice render

Sweet As! Like the depth blur.

nice works.

Nice - colors turned out great.

Amazing and fantastic speed Work!!!

Hey man the Creature came out Awesome Love the rendering, wanna share some rendering techniques?

Thank you for the comments, I am glad you like him!

John Turner, for the color I typically export a map into photoshop when 75% done with polypainting. I adjust the levels and hue to enhance the texture, then bring it back into ZB. And bfgnz, I forgot to export a depth map, so I just faked it :slight_smile:

Greenimation3d, what’s up man? For the lighting I kept it really simple. It is 3 mr Area Omni lights in Max, set up as standard key, fill, and rim lights. I will post a screenshot and some settings

hello michael,
your works are wonderful, I love especially “mursy girl” and the vampire.

Mursi Girl is awesome, very expressive!!

Eithne, Giack Platania, thank you, the Mursi Girl was a fun project and got to go through a lot of the new ZBrush features I hadn’t had the time to try.

Greenimation3d, here’s the lighting setup I used for the Blue Alien, nothing tricky but really quick and came out with a decent render. I try to use photometric lights and backdrops when I have time, but these are standard mr Area lights. This two big things are to set the type to Inverse or Inverse squared for some falloff, and to up the radius for softer Ray Traced shadows. Also up the U and V samples the higher the radius is. Hope this helps!


Quick sculpt, decimated and rendered in 3ds Max, looking at google page of LOTR Orcs for reference.

Also wondering, have been playing with hair, and wanted to know if anyone has had success with HairFarm, Ornatrix or if better to use Max’s standard Hair and Fur modifier? Have been toying with it, and any help getting in the right directions is greatly appreciated!




really like your style and look of characters in this thread… well developed aesthetic

you should post more often

Thank you BlackMath, currently not using ZBrush for production but try and use it when I can! Hopefully I will have more to put up soon :slight_smile:

Love this new guy micheal, good work! :+1:

I was wondering how do you get those fine skin details?

Nice job Milano!!!

Santis, Truubluu, thank you!

ThrashBrush, these are what I use to make a quick overall skin texture. The alpha is from another ZBC member nice enough to share :slight_smile:

I use the Standard Brush, with an Alpha on and use Spray stroke. I leave Zsub around 7, and leave the lazymouse on. Hope this helps!