Mike Tyson

My first project of 2021!

During the quarantine, I’ve started boxing and learning the art of footwork and striking techniques. Mainly studying from one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mike Tyson. This was my first attempt at creating a likeness homage to Mike after studying 3D for over four years.

I went with a more calm and collected Mike to reflect how much he’s changed since he stepped out of the ring professionally.
There’s a little easter egg in the portrait if you look into Mike’s eyes. You will see a small reflection of Cus D’amato, Mike’s former trainer, father figure, and creator of the peek-a-boo fighting style.

Thanks for checking out my work :slight_smile:


Wow - the skin detail in these renders are really good
Great work!

Thanks so much!!

Thith ith tho nithe

Really nice work however, Tyson is only in his early to mid 50’s. He looks 65 in the artwork.

im sure that was his point