Microsoft Surface Pro

Hey :slight_smile:
the Surface seams really really smooth :slight_smile: tomorrow it will release in Autria and i will immediately buy one :smiley:
thank you for the video! =)

You are very much welcome ^^


I have been using the Surface Pro for around a month with Zbrush and it works fantastic!!

Before I could get to the land of fantastic I had to make a few changes to the Pro.

One of the first things I did was lower the resolution.
The original resolution of 1920 x 1080 makes things too small for work (for me anyway) So I have changed the resolution to 1600 x 900 which seems to be the magic spot for Surface Pro working resolution.

Get ArtDock for Surface Pro.
Before downloading this I tried using Zbrush with the touch cover and it was awkward and slow. Using ArtDock I can leave the touch cover in my bag and actually sculpt on the train going home (The Surface is lying on my lap) not only that, the sculpting is intuitive and fast. ArtDock can be found here http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/microsoft/55516-new-artdock-surface-pro.html it also includes keyboard setups for Photoshop and many other programs with the option to create more (I’m currently looking to expand the ZBrush set)

Get the new Wacom WinTab drivers
This essential, without this there is no point in the above steps. With the WinTab drivers installed the whole thing comes together in a really nice, compact rival to the Wacom Cintiq (that’s how highly I rate the Surface Pro)

Will try and post pictures of the car I am currently modelling on the Pro.

I just picked up a Surface Pro yesterday. This thread is a welcome sight and a helpful resource.

I have had a few bumps - the updated wacom driver helps the pressure sensitivity but seems to hose some of the touch functionality, the case/sleeve that came as part of my package deal is big enough for the surface, the pen and the power cord, but just barely and I am worried that the undue pressure from the power adapter against the surface may crack the screen, along with the other little issues mentioned here - but I am quite happy so far.

I love the portability and the fast boot up! I flip flop between using it in “laptop” mode with the hardware keyboard and kickstand and using it in tablet mode. I am also happy about the apparent popularity of the Surface. It means I don’t have to problem solve all by my lonesome.

I’ve had two issues with the ArtDock in tablet mode:

  1. The redo button on the dock is mimicking the Ctrl button instead of redoing.
  2. If I want to save a file I end up having to flip out the hardware keyboard because I can’t get to the virtual one (zbrush covers the taskbar and you can’t minimize zbrush with the file requester open - obviously doing it in reverse order should help - but my brain keeps forgetting).

Hey everyone, I finally got a chance to post what I’ve sculpted so far on my Surface Pro.


I will post more ASAP.

Sweet, I was looking into getting a Pro just for this.

My teetering has almost tottered completely into getting a Surface Pro. The only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger is they might release a 256g version for the US, which is what they did in Japan.

…number of levels’ pressure ?

…seems the guy said on his text there are some pressure levels?


There’s 1024 levels of sensitivity so it’s basically like a Wacom Graphire or Bamboo’s sensitivity level. The Intuos series have 2048.

Yes! Very cool.

Surface Pro has that “Windows Inbox Drivers and API” for moderne UI
This API can have 2048 pressure levels
But graphic progs have just now an old one « WinTab API »

With the last drivers Wacom can read this old « WinTab API » so also 2048 pressure levels
But this Surface Pro with its technology “Feel IT” can have just 256 pressure levels

So how do you have your 1024 pressure levels on your Surface Pro?

You update your Wacom drivers and the 1024 pressure levels become available in your none microsoft apps like ZBrush and Painter…

…for the infos! :+1:


I got a surface pro, installed ZBrush, installed AutoHotKey and downloaded the script here:
I also moved my desktop taskbar to the right column as was suggested.

So far the buttons seem off. On the app menu if I click somewhere way to the left of ZBrush I can get it and pop up the key menu.

When the key menu is up, I can only get shift to work. It seems that the digitizer settings must be way off but I checked over and over to see that I was using the script that others say works on the Surface Pro.

Could recent update to surface pro have changed something?

[FONT=arial]OK, I got it. The problem is with a new DPI Awareness introduced in a recent version of AutoHotkey. The script does not account for it.

Opening the AHK file and putting in the line:

“Gui -DPIScale”

Makes everything wonderful! Incredible!

Yeah, I’m really enjoying mine.

If what you’re describing is what I had with mine then there’s another solution. The AHK is setup to work in a 1:1 screen scale ratio. The Surface comes setup at 1:1.5 ratio (basically zoomed an additional 50%). If you go into the display and set it to 100% rather than 150% it will allow the AHK to hit the correct locations.

Also, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is only 60 bucks and it rocks. I haven’t used it for indepth texturing but it seems as if it has all the same capabilities as Photoshop but is setup for tablets natively. The GUI is very intuitive and easy to use with just a stylus. The lite version off the app store is free if you want to try it but the Pro version is awesome and 100% more meatier.

Ahhhh, our Surface Pro family is growing. :smiley:

Thanks for the video link Frenchy Pilou. It was cool to see all those apps quasi reviewed. He didn’t show one of my favorite things about Painter 12 on Surface Pro. You can use your hand to rotate the canvas!

I changed that early on because at 150% I was loosing the bottom of the ZBrush interface and losing valuable menu space in modo (in modo the menus auto collapse to fit the screen). I now use 125% I haven’t had any trouble with ArtDoc Button registration. I use the original, not the Surface Pro version because the Surface Pro is missing buttons I want to use.

I never got into Sketchbook Pro. The lack of canvas rotation annoyed me and I didn’t really like the media/mediums. I am sure I am just missing out due to ignorance. I love the feel of Painter (although their is a bit of a learning curve for all the different media if you want the full benefits of the program). I also really like MyPaint. It’s free, has simple to use realistic media and the canvas grows to fit your drawing. I am starting to do my initial sketch in MyPaint, importing that sketch into Painter, upresing to print res (which performs surprisingly well on Surface Pro, even with big brushes) and doing a refined drawing and color in Painter. I did this piece that way.

Thanks for all the info guys!
I thought about making the purchase, but I’ll probably take the dive on the Surface 2.0 next year. Hopefully longer battery life and such.